Behind the Wheel: The Making of Taxi Driver


05/02/2024, 20:59

Taxi Driver: A Masterpiece of Psychological Thriller

Released in 1976, Taxi Driver is an iconic film directed by Martin Scorsese that delves into the dark and twisted mind of Travis Bickle, a mentally unstable Vietnam War veteran turned taxi driver. Set in the gritty streets of New York City, the movie offers a gripping exploration of urban decay, loneliness, and one man's descent into madness.

Travis Bickle, brilliantly portrayed by Robert De Niro, is a complex character consumed by the corruption and moral degradation he witnesses during his nightly drives through the city's underbelly. The neon-lit streets, teeming with prostitution, drug addiction, and violence, fuel Travis' growing obsession with cleansing the city of its perceived sins, leading him down a path of vigilantism and self-destruction.

Scorsese's masterful direction paints a haunting and atmospheric picture of 1970s New York, capturing the essence of urban alienation and disillusionment. The film's gritty cinematography, combined with De Niro's mesmerizing performance, leaves a lasting impact on viewers as they navigate Travis' unsettling journey through his troubled psyche.

MOVIE Taxi Driver
Plot A mentally unstable Vietnam War veteran works as a night-time taxi driver in New York City where the perceived decadence and sleaze feed his urge for violent action.
Year 1976
Rating R
Duration 114 minutes
Genres drama, crime
Countries US
IMDb Rating 8.2

A mesmerizing portrayal of a mentally unstable Vietnam War veteran and the darkness he encounters in the seedy underbelly of New York City, Taxi Driver remains a captivating and thought-provoking film. The movie, released in 1976 and classified as R-rated, delves into the character's descent into violence and the impact of societal decay on his psyche. With a runtime of 114 minutes, the film blends elements of drama and crime, effectively capturing the gritty atmosphere of the city. Set in the United States, Taxi Driver holds an impressive IMDb rating of 8.2, solidifying its status as a highly acclaimed cinematic masterpiece.