Escape: A Thrilling Quest f or Survival


02/02/2024, 21:47

"Escape: A Thrilling Quest f or Survival"

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Today, we delve into the thrilling world of adventure and survival with a classic film that has captivated audiences for decades - Deliverance. Directed by John Boorman, this 1972 American thriller takes us on a pulse-pounding journey through the treacherous wilderness of the Cahulawassee River.

The story revolves around the fearless and nature-loving Lewis Medlock, portrayed by Burt Reynolds, who alongside his friends, embarks on a fateful river-rafting trip. Their aim? To experience the untamed beauty of the Cahulawassee River before modern progress turns it into a vast lake, forever altering the landscape they hold dear. Little do they know, they are about to face a series of gripping and life-threatening challenges that will test their mettle and force them to confront the brutal realities of the wild.

Property Value
Movie Deliverance
Summary Intent on seeing the Cahulawassee River before it's turned into one huge lake, outdoor fanatic Lewis Medlock takes his friends on a river-rafting trip they'll never forget into the dangerous American back-country.
Year 1972
Rating R
Duration 109 minutes
Genres drama, action, thriller, european
Country US
IMDb Rating 7.7

MOVIE, ['drama', 'action', 'thriller', 'european'], 1972