Filmmaking Legends: The Essential Reference Films


02/02/2024, 21:56

Welcome to Five Came Back: The Reference Films

In the world of cinema, there are few events as momentous and influential as World War II. It not only shaped nations and changed the course of history but also left an indelible mark on the film industry. "Five Came Back," a captivating docuseries, explores the journey of five legendary Hollywood directors — John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra, and George Stevens — who volunteered to be part of the war effort. These filmmakers, armed with their cinematic talents and unprecedented access, captured the reality of war and produced a collection of remarkable propaganda films that have become vital references for any film enthusiast.

This collection, aptly titled "Five Came Back: The Reference Films," comprises twelve World War II-era propaganda films. These movies, discussed in the docuseries, offer a unique insight into the power of film as a tool for persuasion and information dissemination during times of conflict. However, it is important to note that several of these films contain graphic and offensive content, reflecting the attitudes and ideologies prevalent at the time. Through its meticulous curation, this collection encourages viewers to engage critically with the historical context and cinematic techniques employed by these visionary directors.

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Title Five Came Back: The Reference Films
SHOW This collection includes 12 World War II-era propaganda films — many of which are graphic and offensive — discussed in the docuseries "Five Came Back."
Year 1945
Rating TV-MA
Runtime 51 minutes
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Country ['US']
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