Reviving Hollywood: The Powerful Five Came Back


02/02/2024, 21:39

"Reviving Hollywood: The Powerful Five Came Back"

Five Came Back: The Reference Films takes an in-depth look at a collection of 12 World War II-era propaganda films that are not for the faint-hearted. These thought-provoking and often controversial pieces of cinema provide a unique perspective on the war and its impact on societies. Featured in the gripping docuseries "Five Came Back," these films offer a glimpse into the storytelling techniques employed during the war, highlighting how they were employed as powerful tools of persuasion. The films included in this collection range from powerful documentaries revealing the horrors of war, to patriotic narratives aimed at boosting morale and encouraging support for the cause. As viewers explore this assortment, they will encounter a range of graphic and offensive content that captures the harsh realities of conflict. Through their analysis and discussion in "Five Came Back," the docuseries sheds light on the historical significance of these films, examining both their manipulative nature and the influence they had on shaping public opinion during the turbulent times of World War II. Prepare to be enlightened and challenged as you delve into this collection of reference films that hold a mirror up to the past and invite thoughtful reflection on the power of propaganda in wartime.

Title Five Came Back: The Reference Films
Description This collection includes 12 World War II-era propaganda films - many of which are graphic and offensive - discussed in the docuseries "Five Came Back."
Release Year 1945
Rating TV-MA
Runtime 51 minutes
Genres Documentation
Country US
Version 1.0

SHOW, ['documentation'], 1945